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As part of HCH’s contract for industrial vacuum loading and water blast cleaning at the Waratah steelworks, a core requirement is the handling and storage of the bulk industrial wastes generated from the manufacturing process

Scope of works

Rethinking and managing a complex industrial waste stream to reduce environmental and operational costs


A multitude of products such as lime and mill scale are removed from pits and process areas to create a large waste stream. Because of limited storage infrastructure the different wastes became mixed together in a bulk wet-waste drying area prior to disposal at approved waste facilities


HCH identified the opportunity to reduce disposal volumes by segregating the wastes. When the feasibility of segregating the products for reuse and recycling, was investigated with our client, we found that disposal volumes could be reduced by two thirds.

New vacuum loading procedures for waste collection, removal and transport, and the installation of new segregated storage bunkers would eliminate mixing of waste.

When presented with this initiative, MolyCop promptly approved it. The capital required to upgrade the site’s infrastructure was far outweighed by the long-term benefits.



The overall outcome not only achieved a large bankable environmental improvement but bilateral cost and safety improvements. Bonus rewards included: 

  • Reduced transport costs
  • Reduced disposal costs
  • Reduced handling and processing costs. New, efficient processes were  designed in collaboration with HCH.
  • Safety improvements. Interaction and involvement  with site personnel enhanced the overall design